Accountable Talk Sourcebook

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 8.19.25 PMThe Accountable Talk Sourcebook: For Classroom Conversation that Works is a FREE resource from the Institute for Learning at the University of Pittsburgh. This resource provides tools, strategies, norms, and research to support educators looking to increase the level of productive discourse in any content area. We know that productive student science talk is essential for creating an equitable classroom that focuses on argumentation as a practice to construct explanations and solutions to problems. The sourcebook could be a great starting point for your discourse journey or a spark to supplement the work you’re already doing.

This is the kind of transformational resource that I love to share on this site- If you’ve never stumbled on this, then you are in for a treat. Enjoy!

NGSS Cheat Sheet and Placemat

ImageAs we begin to design and deliver professional development on the Next Generation Science Standards I’m hoping that we will be able to share tools and resources. I’ve accumulated several tools from lots of smart folks and will be posting some in the coming weeks.

A couple of my favorites were developed by the regional science coordinators who work for the Washington State ESDs. These tools are:

- The NGSS “cheat sheet” a 2-sided color key to the 3 dimensions of the NGSS and the abbreviations.

- The NGSS placemat- an 11x 17 colorful sheet for deconstructing a performance expectation of the NGSS during a PD session.

I have used both of these tools with multiple K-12 teachers during initial professional development on the structure of the NGSS

You will also find other excellent NGSS PD resources on the regional science coordinator site HERE.


What Does Sound Look Like? Video

The Next Generation Science Standards have a clear and intentional focus on waves as a disciplinary core idea K-12. This is content that may be new for some of us and may be lacking in our science instructional materials. As we start to cobble together resources here is an interesting short video clip that helps learners to visualize sound waves… it’s pretty cool!

Click HERE if you cannot see the embedded video below.

EQuIP Rubric for Measuring NGSS Alignment

The EQuIP Rubric for measuring alignment of lessons and units to the Next Generation Science Standards was released today. It sounds like there are still some support documents to come… Scoring Guidelines, etc.

Let me know what you think about this tool.. I’m feeling slightly underwhelmed but I admittedly haven’t spent a ton of time digging into it.

Click HERE to view the EQuIP Rubric for NGSS

WA Science Page Updated

This is not exactly headline-worthy news… but I’ve finally updated the WA Science page on this site. It had gotten a bit stale to say the least. Click HERE to view the 2014 Science Assessment Updates, NGSS transition plans, and other helpful links.

2014 NGSS Annual Leadership Meeting- Materials

I find that it is difficult to know when new materials have been added to the NGSS site ( so I’ll try to help send notifications through the Science for All blog. There have been some recent additions that might be helpful to us as we plan for implementation and teacher professional development.

Recently the first NGSS Annual Meeting for State Leadership Teams and National Partners was held in Atlanta, Georgia. You can find the presentation materials HERE. With so many unanswered science assessment questions lingering I’ve been spending some time perusing the following slides:

You will also find presentations from multiple state partners on subjects ranging from professional development to instructional materials. Hope this is helpful.


STEM Integration in K-12 Education

The National Academies just released a short video on the importance of K-12 STEM education. This could be useful for professional development and building understanding of STEM education in the community. See the video embedded below or click HERE. Enjoy!